Al-‘Usur al-Wusta, volume 27 (2019)


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Letter from the Editors

Remarks by Donald Whitcomb, Recipient of the 2018 MEM Lifetime Achievement Award

In Search of the Early Islamic Economy
Michael Bonner
Reacting to Muḥammad: Three Early Islamic Poets in the Kitāb al-Aghānī
Pamela Klasova
A Newly Discovered Letter of the Early Arabic Alphabet: A Distinction between Final Jīm and Final Ḥā’/Khā’ and its Nabatean Origins
Marijn van Putten
Nourishing the Noble: Breastfeeding and Hero-Making in Medieval Arabic Popular Literature
Rachel Schine
An Unexpected Romance: Reevaluating the Authorship of the Khosrow-nāma
Austin O’Malley

Women, Identity, and Power: A Review Essay of Antony Eastmond, Tamta’s World
Zaroui Pogossian

Mysticism and Ethics in Islam (American University of Beirut, 2–3 May 2019)
Louise Gallorini

Daniel Alan Brubaker, Corrections in Early Qur’ānic Manuscripts: Twenty Examples
Hythem Sidky
Jennifer A. Cromwell, Recording Village Life: A Coptic Scribe in Early Islamic Egypt
Marie Legendre
Mathieu Tillier, L’invention du cadi: La justice des Musulmans, des Juifs et des Chrétiens aux premiers siècles de l’Islam
Steven Judd
Hans-Peter Pökel, Der unmännliche Mann: Zur Figuration des Eunuchen im Werk von al-Ǧāḥiẓ (gest. 869)
Ignacio Sánchez
Scott Savran, Arabs and Iranians in the Islamic Conquest Narrative: Memory and Identity Construction in Islamic Historiography, 750–1050
Ryan J. Lynch
Adam Talib, How Do You Say “Epigram” in Arabic? Literary History at the Limits of Comparison
Rachel Schine
William Chester Jordan, The Apple of His Eye: Converts from Islam in the Reign of Louis IX
Janna Bianchini
Joel Blecher, Said the Prophet of God: Hadith Commentary across a Millennium
L. W. Cornelis van Lit, O.P.
Thomas A. Carlson, Christianity in Fifteenth-Century Iraq
Jonathan Parkes Allen
Khaled El-Rouayheb and Sabine Schmidtke (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy
Coleman Connelly

Speros Vryonis, Jr. (1928–2019)
Gary Leiser
Kenneth Holum (1939–2017)
Gideon Avni, Elizabeth Conner, Alan Walmsley
Michael Bonner (1952–2019)
Steven Judd, Alison Vacca, Robert Haugh, Noah Gardiner, Antoine Borrut

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